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Electro-plating & Oxidation & Coloring
Gold, Rhodium, Silver, Copper, Nickle plating solutions. Jax Master metal Finishing Solutions, Liver of Sulphur, Antique colors Products from Cohler, Grobet, Krohn, Procraft & JAX
Electro-plating & Oxidation & Coloring

SPAREX ®  No. 2SPAREX ® No. 2 SPAREX 2-10 OZ. 
SPAREX is a granular dry acid compound manufactured by Krohn Technical Products for pickling, cleaning and ...

Griffith Liver of SulphurGriffith Liver of Sulphur #45.688 
Use dissolved in hot water as an oxidizer for most metals.

Pro-Craft® Liver of SulphurPro-Craft® Liver of Sulphur #45.690 
Contains 8 oz. (227g) in lump form. When dissolved in hot water, can be used to oxidize most ...

Antique - Black Color for JewelryAntique - Black Color for Jewelry #45.0130 
For highlighting or subtle dark background effects. Gives a dark, dull antique finish to class rings, or any ...

Antique - Brown Color for JewelryAntique - Brown Color for Jewelry #45.0132 
For highlighting or subtle dark background effects. Gives a dark, dull antique finish to class rings, or any ...

Rhodium SolutionRhodium Solution #RHODIUM SOL 
We carry both Krohn and Coher brands ready-to-use decorative rhodium electroplating solution.

1 gram - 1 pint

Rhodium Solution ConcentrateRhodium Solution Concentrate #RHODIUM SOL CON 
Decorative rhodium electroplating bath start-up concentrate for pen plating.
Specially formulated, state-of-art pen plating solutions designed to provide quality ...

Rhodium Solution Concentrate 1/2 gramRhodium Solution Concentrate 1/2 gram #RHO SOL CON 1/2 
Decorative rhodium pen plating solution.
Specially formulated, state-of-the-art pen plating solutions designed to provide quality results.

1/2 gram

Silver Electroplating SolutionSilver Electroplating Solution #SILVER SOLUTION 
This ready-to-use silver electroplating solution is a cyanide type plating bath which imparts a bright silver plate.
Use with ...

Copper Electrolytic Plating SolutionCopper Electrolytic Plating Solution #COPPER SOLUTION 
This acid copper electrolytic plating solution is a non-cyanide electrolyte.
Use with a pure copper or phosphorized copper anode.

1 ...

Gold Electroplating SolutionGold Electroplating Solution #24K SOLUTION 
This ready-to-use gold electroplating solution contains 1 penny-weight of gold per quart and the appropriate amount of free-cyanide ...

Nickle Electrolytic Plating SolutionNickle Electrolytic Plating Solution #NICKLE SOLUTION 
This bright nickle electrolytic plating solution imparts a bright nickle electroplate when used in accordance with instructions.
Use with ...

Electro CleanerElectro Cleaner #ELECTROCLEANER 
This ready-to-use heavy duty electrocleaner removes film and invisible oils from the metal to be plated to improves ...

Griffith Silver BlackGriffith Silver Black #45.041 
An acid based oxidizer which produces an instantaneous deep black patina on silver, gold, copper or bronze. Corrosive ...

Tivabrite Stripping PowderTivabrite Stripping Powder #TVBRITE 
TIVABRITE is a unique combination of chemicals, and when added to a cyanide solution and utilized with reverse ...

JAX® Antique RustJAX® Antique Rust #45.960 
Produces an antique rust finish on iron and steel

1 Pint (473ml)

JAX® Aluminum BlackenerJAX® Aluminum Blackener #45.967 
Produces an antique black finish on aluminum.

1 Pint (473ml)

JAX® Green PatinaJAX® Green Patina #45.900 
Produces a permanent, authentic, antique green finish on copper, brass, and bronze.

1 Pint (473ml)

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