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Precious Metal Clay - PMC
PMC consists of microscopic particles of silver suspended in an organic binder to create a pliable material with a consistency similar to modeling clay. PMC can be worked in the fingers and with simple tools to create a vast range of forms and surfaces unobtainable or laborious with traditional techniques.When it is heated to a high temperature, the binder burns away and the metal particles fuse to form solid metal that can be sanded, soldered, colored and polished like conventional material.- Mitsubishi Materials

PMC may be hallmarked and will assay as .999 pure.

Precious Metal Clay - PMC

PMC3 SyringePMC3 Syringe #PMC3S 
Decorate your artwork or write on the piece with the convenient syringe. By adjusting the nozzle, you can ...

PMC3 PastePMC3 Paste #PMC3P15 
PMC in paste form can be used to glue clay to clay, fix parts to the clay, and ...

The sheet clay can be freely folded or cut. Because it contains no moisture, there are no time ...

Hot Pot for PMC CeramicHot Pot for PMC Ceramic #HOTPOTCERAMIC 
A kiln designed especially for PMC3. Light the solid fuel as the heat source. When the fuel is ...

PMC ClayPMC Clay #PMC316 & #PMC325 
This new version of the Precious Metal Clay incorporates even smaller particles of silver in comparison to its ...

Bronze ClayBronze Clay #BZCLAY200 
Bronze metal clay is a malleable material that can be rolled, cut, shaped, molded, textured, sculpted or carved ...

PMC+ ClayPMC+ Clay #PMCPC18 & #PMCPC28 
This 2nd generation of PMC+ allows you to fire a lower temperature, shorten firing time, and create pieces ...

Inroduction to Precious Metal ClayInroduction to Precious Metal Clay #9780919985360 
This do-it-yourself guide by Mary Ann Devos provides all the information you need to get started and advance ...

Wood ClayWood Clay #WC 

Colour ShapersColour Shapers #BRS-896.09 
Our new Colour Shapers are excellent to sculpt and add incredible effects to Metal Clay work. Somewhere between ...

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